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Defective, the model is.image1

Ok I have a character flaw. Actually I have many.

The one pertaining to this little intro though is that I am a perfectionist. There is a saying (at least in Greece) that goes: “perfection is the enemy of greatness”. Since I can remember I have lost valuable time because of that specific flaw.

When you are young you don’t really care about that stuff really. You have an attitude that screams I’m invincible. I got all the time in the world. You don’t now how wrong you are until one day you realize that time is the most valuable commodity (I know I sound cliché but bear with me).

2 reasons:

1. Quality

I was never satisfied with my work. Even if it was perfect in my peers/friends eyes, there was always room for improvement.  A little of this, and a little bit of that. You get the point.  So I ended up loosing time.  And for what? For something a little extra that didn’t justify the time loss which of course was disproportionate.


2.  Judgment (day)

What a dreaded word. Fear that others are going to be as harsh as yourself on you. I remember stalling on class projects that involved presentations. I never felt ready. It happened every time even though I always received excellent feedback and praise. And the result was lost time, stress and anxiety. I remember a colleague once asked me: “are you afraid of success?” If I had kept the same mindset as before, this blog would have never come to life.


What’s in store for the future?

My answer: Who knows. I worry about the future, my future (as do my folks).  Being a personal trainer while being a health profession it is looked down upon. And with good reason.  Many personal trainers don’t have enough skill and knowledge to deliver quality results. Many of them don’t even do it safely. Some decided to do it for the wrong reasons (if you know what I mean).  Even worse, all of the above!image4

There are plenty of good coaches out there. Just have to look a little hard.

Movement Machine

Training is one the most important gifts you can give you yourself. Think about what you are for a sec. As an entity (exclude your soul for a sec). Be a little realistic. Ok here it goes (and I’m sure many people are not going to like what I’m about to say):

You are a bunch of bones and muscle. A machine. A machine made to move. To perfection. Your muscles act on your bones (levers) to produce movements.  And all this is made possible through the nervous system that together with the cardiovascular gives all the orders. Made to move. Not to sit and eat all day.  Problem is that most of us nowadays do just that. On top of that it seems there is a conspiracy going on to make that even easier. Automations everywhere.

I’m going on a runt here and that was supposed to be an intro article. A short easy to read intro.

So why do I say all this? You probably already knew most of it but you don’t do anything about it. So I worry about you. Friend, relative, random viewer. I worry that you take your health lightly. I don’t want to be harsh. Its hard sometimes to care about something that doesn’t warn you about the negative possibilities. Even though you know them. Take smoking for example. There is no external sign saying you are rotting from the inside out or that you are a moving time bomb. It would be nice if your large waistline could scream metabolic syndrome. Not until it is too late.

Get In or Get Out

I tend to be opinionated as a person but I don’t have blinders on. On the contrary. Main reason I created this blog is because for one I want to share whatever I know, and second so I can learn through the interaction with others, trainers and anyone interested in the subject (fitness).  I am also known to change my mind (as I learn more). So bear with me!

Hope you (the reader) enjoy this; feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

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