Lose Fat

Lose Fat

I don’t need to mention that obesity has become an epidemic. Just look around you. Once a friend told me that all we are is “over-feeding monkeys”. I couldn’t agree more.

Putting on weight (which usually means fat for most people) is the easy part. It doesn’t take a lot of thought. All you have to do it is mindlessly inhale everything in front of you from pizza and burgers to ice cream and candy while watching the latest game of thrones episode.

The bad thing about weight loss? Unless you are willing to put as much study as you did in your freshman calculus class to decipher the ever ending new diets that come along (low carb, zone, paleo, intermittent fasting to name a few) good luck.

But that’s the first part of the equation. Diet alone, will definitely put a dent in your waistline but its also going to leave you looking soft. The best expression that comes to mind is “skinny-fat”. Do I need to say more?

Combining effective weight training, which is going to spend calories so you can shred the fat while retaining and even gaining muscle mass to give you a metabolism boost and prevent you from gaining that weight again is the absolute best way to reach your goals.