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For those who don’t have the time or luxury to train with me one on one I decided to offer online training. After I moved back from the United States to my hometown (Athens, Greece) many of my international friends and old clients have been asking me about training and how I could possibly continue to help them being half an Atlantic ocean away.

Ask yourself:

Do I want to look good naked? Be as strong as my local movers? Do I want to outperform the competition? Do I want to be able to move as freely as possible without pain? If you are truly committed and driven to achieve any or all of the above questions we’re in business.

That’s just the beginning

I’ll help you “cross the bridge” while teaching you as much as possible in the way. All I want from you is a little dedication at least for 3 months. I’ll make you independent. Confident you can keep going on your own after that.

So how does this work?

This is not another generic program design. After I take you through some movement screens and initial assessments as well as identifying your goals and needs I’ll design a program especially for you to take you safely from point A to point B as fast and efficient as possible. The program will cover everything from mobility to strength and power.

Forget about going to the gym and wondering like an alien. I’ll give you options: You wont feel lost if the no-neck freak is using the machine you intended to use or some weirdo decided to use every pair of dumbbell for a drop set.


You’ll get messages, emails and Skype calls as needed to modify your training so I can help you going strong, pain free, plateau busting. Each month I’ll evaluate the progress based on the results and give you another program. And all this for less than your local trainer is charging you…

Enough already!

If this sound like fun and you are truly serious please fill out the following form to see if we are a good match!

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