About me

About me

Nick Vardavas

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Lets see…. “About me”. So what about me? Anything I say here is subjective. I’m the best. I’m a badass fitness guru. I’ve read so many books on the subject I’d need a truck just for those if I ever move. Whoa hit the rewind button. I can’t back any of that (except the books part!!).
My point is that anything I say here would be me trying to sell myself. There is a little problem. I hate sales!

So what I'm going to do instead is give you a little info about who I really am.  After my bachelors I ended up getting a master’s degree in biology and my passion was human anatomy and physiology. So that gave me a lot of knowledge on how the human body operates.  Adding to that my constant passion for knowledge and my obsession to stay up to date in the field, made getting certified as a PES from NASM easy.  

I’ve been in the field of personal training for the last good 15 years with experience from helping people achieve amazing physiques to rehabilitation and pain reduction.  I specialize in strength training, functional and corrective exercise.  

Four years ago I started teaching in a private fitness school.  I have to admit that its one of the most wonderful experiences ive had until now.  My students have been a constant motivation to better myself, they have taught me

So why did I decide to open a blog you say. I decided to start writing to help people. Plain and simple.  My friends, colleagues, and the general public.
Most of my students ask me to refer them to sites where they can read about fitness. Coaches, blogs etc. Many of them don’t speak English. So I thought what would be better than to start something interactive everyone can learn.  My students can learn basics, seasoned trainers can stay up to date, and mere mortal folks can get info on movement they can actually apply in their everyday lives. And finally because I’m sick and tired when I go out everyone ask me about fitness. So here! Read my blog and stop bugging me already!!

I lied…It’s really about me learning from you! From your comments and interactions, which in part is really going to make me that badass I was talking about. Cause it really boils down to learning right? To make ourselves better, to evolve, while sharing the knowledge.


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